Friday, January 6, 2017

Playlist 1/4/17

Som do Brasil (Music) with Jassvan DeLima 01/04/2017 11:00PM to 01:00AM
11:00PM Zé Luís “Brazil's Hip Groove” composed by Ze Luis from EP , Som do Brasil Intro (CD, 2011) on ZLMusic BMI 13364867 (USA) 
11:03PM Eumir Deodato “Also Sprach Zarathustra” composed by R.Strauss from Prelude (CD, 1997) on Sony Legacy (USA) — OR CTI 1972 
11:13PM Elza Soares “Firmeza (feat. Rodrigo Campos)” composed by Rodrigo Campos from A Mulher do Fim do Mundo (CD, 2015) on Circus (Brasil) 
11:18PM Skank “Jackie Tequila” composed by Samuel Rosa,Fausto Fawcett from Calango (CD, 1994) on Chaos (Brasil) 
11:23PM Kay Lyra “Maria Moita” composed by Carlos Lyra,Vinicius de Moraes from Just a Silly Game (CD, 2016) on Sunnyside
11:28PM Comanches ! “Sutra Soul” composed by Pascolato,Riva,Selector,Lustosa,Sarton from Sambas Elétricos (CD, 2016) on Ind. (Brasil) 
11:33PM Simone Sou “Pétalas” composed by Simone Sou from Simone Sou (CD, 2012) on Circus (Brasil) 
11:38PM Jurema “Nkong (feat. Chico César)” composed by Tigana Santana from Mestiça (CD, 2013) on SARAVÁ DISCOS (Brasil) 
11:42PM Brazzamerica “Lim Sim (Maracatu-Blues)” composed by Cidinho Texeira from Brazzamerica (CD, 2016) on Brazzamerica (USA) 
11:46PM Trio da Paz “Sweeping the Chimney” composed by Romero Lubambo from 30 (CD, 2016) on Zoho (USA) 
11:51PM Marcos del Valle “Os Grilos” composed by M.Valle,P.S.Valle from The Best of Marcos Valle (CD, 2008) on Far Out (UK) 
11:55PM Beto Villares “Rio da Bossa Nova” composed by Beto Villares from Beto Villares (CD, 2008) on Six Degrees (USA) 
12:00AM Kenia “Que Amor Esse” composed by Antonio Adolfo,Kenia from On We Go (CD, 2016) on Moóca Records (USA) 
12:05AM Belén Pérez Muñíz “Olhos nos olhos” composed by Chico Buarque from Passagens (CD, 2016) on ACQUA RECORDS (Argentina) 
12:09AM Celso Fonseca / Ronaldo Bastos “Samba é Tudo” composed by Celso Fonseca, Ronaldo Bastos from Show Motion Bossa Nova (CD, 2001) on Dubas/Universal (Brasil) 
12:14AM Rosa Passos “Eu Sambo Mesmo” composed by Janet de Almeida from Amorosa (CD, 2004) on Sony (United States) 
12:19AM Kleiton & Kledir “Felizes para Sempre” composed by Kleiton Ramil/Kledir Ramil/Claudia Tajes from Com Todas as Letras (CD, 2015) on Biscoito Fino (Brasil) 
12:23AM Luisa Maita “Fio da Memória” composed by Luisa Maita from Fio da Memória - Single (MP3, 2016) on Cumbancha (USA) 
12:29AM Trio Mocoto “Nao Adianta” composed by Fritz,Aloisio from Trio Mocotó (CD, 1999) on Movieplay Do Brasil (Brasil) 
12:34AM David Sánchez “O Morro Não Tem Vez” composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim,Vinicius De Moraes from Obsesion (CD, 1998) on Sony Music (USA) 
12:40AM Vinicius Cantuaria “Insensatez , feat. Melody Gardot” composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim,Vinicius de Moraes from Vinicius canta Antonio Carlos Jobim (CD, 2015) on Sunny Side (USA) 
12:44AM Dom Salvador “Um Passeio no Horto Florestal” composed by Dom Salvador from Dom Salvador Trio (CD, 2007) on Biscoito Fino (Brasil) 
12:47AM Celso Fonseca / Ronaldo Bastos “Satélite Bar” composed by Celso Fonseca, Ronaldo Bastos from Show Motion Bossa Nova (CD, 2001) on Dubas/Universal (Brasil) 
12:53AM Vanessa Falabella “Rio Doce” composed by Beto Guedes,Tavinho Moura,Ronaldo Bastos from Outras Esquinas (CD, 2014) on Ultra Music (Brasil) 
12:57AM Leny Andrade “Você vai Ver” composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim from The Rough Guide of Brazilian Music (CD, 1998) on World Music Network(USA)

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