Friday, January 13, 2017

Playlist 1/11/17

Som do Brasil (Music) with Jassvan DeLima 01/11/2017 11:00PM to 01:00AM
11:00PM Zé Luís “Brazil's Hip Groove” composed by Ze Luis from EP , Som do Brasil Intro (CD, 2011) on ZLMusic BMI 13364867 (USA)
11:03PM Anat Cohen “Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser” composed by Lo Borges- Marcio Borges from Claroscuro (CD, 2012) on Sunnyside / Anzic (USA)
11:09PM Rogerio Souza “Escorregando” composed by Ernesto Nazareth from Ernesto Nazareth (CD, 2013) on MBA Cultural (Brasil)
11:13PM Lulina “A Banca do Distinto” composed by Billy Branco from Cantoras do Brasil (CD, 2014) on Coleção Canal Brasil , Deckdisc (Brasil)
11:17PM Chico Buarque “Brejo da Cruz/feat. João Bosco” composed by Chico Buarque from Dose Dupla (MP3, 2015) on Remix by Hans Mariano (Brasil)
11:22PM Jazz In 4 “Minha Saudade” composed by João Donato from Conexão Brasil (CD, 2015) on Ind (Brasil)
11:28PM Rita Lee “Erva Venenosa” composed by Rossini Pinto, Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller from Single (MP3, 1979) on Universal (Brasil) — Poison Ivy
11:32PM Ed Motta “Manuel” composed by Fabio Fonseca/Marcia Serejo from E-Collection: Ed Motta (CD, 2000) on WM Brazil (Brasil) — OR 1988
11:36PM Maucha Adnet “Eu Sambo Mesmo” composed by Janet De Almeida from Samba Boogie Meets Woogie (CD, 2008) on Adventure Music (USA) — Arranged and Conducted by Mario Adnet
11:40PM Bororó “Fogaréu” composed by Bororo/ Sergio Leão from Fogaréu (CD, 2014) on Ind (Brasil)
11:46PM Brazzamerica “vera cruz” composed by Milton Nascimento, Marcio Borges from Brazzamerica (CD, 2016) on Brazzamerica (USA)
11:51PM Itaiguara “Why Dream” composed by Itaiguara Brandão from awakening (CD, 2015) on Itaiguara (Brasil)
11:55PM Catina DeLuna & Otmaro Ruiz “Cavalo marinho” composed by Simone Guimarães,Juarez Moreira from Lado B Brazilian Project (CD, 2016) on Catina Deluna (USA)
12:00AM Leo Gandelman “Maracatu Atomico” composed by Nelson Jacobina,Jorge Mautner from Brazilian Soul (CD, 1999) on Leo Gandelman [dist. Tratore] (Brasil)
12:04AM Leo Gandelman “Living on Sand” composed by Leo Gandelman from Brazilian Soul (CD, 1999) on Leo Gandelman [dist. Tratore] (Brasil)
12:08AM Os Cariocas “Pra que chorar” composed by Baden Powell,Vinicius de Moraes from A Bossa Dos Cariocas (Original Bossa Nova Album Plus Bonus Tracks) (CD, 1998) on Philips, Polygram (Japan) — OR 1966
12:11AM Caixa Preta “Samba da bencao” composed by Baden Powell- Vinicius de Moraes from Caixa Preta 100% (CD, 1999) on La Nave Va (Brasil)
12:17AM Vanessa Falabella “Don't Stop the Dance” composed by Bryan Ferry/Rhett Davies from vibe (CD, 2013) on トゥピ・レコーズ, SonyMusic (Brasil/Japan) — Japan -2015
12:21AM Astrud Gilberto/George Michael “Desafinado” composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim/Newton Mendonca from Red Hot Rio (CD, 1996) on Verve (US)
12:26AM Azymuth “Orange Clouds” composed by Azymuth from Fenix (MP3, 2016) on Far Out Recordings (UK)
12:32PM Zeca Baleiro “Desesperança (Sobre Poema de Sousândrade)” composed by Zeca Baleiro from Era Domingo (MP3, 2016) on Som Livre (Brasil)
12:50AM Johann Heyss “O Olimpo” composed by Johann Heyss from Ongetemder/Indomado/Untemed (MP3, 2016) on JH Ind (Brasil) — Release TBA- Produced and Arranged by Johann Heyss and Paulo Baiano - Voice and Synth-Drum by Johann Heyss,Keyboards by Paulo Baiano

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