Friday, April 7, 2017

Playlist 4/5/17

Som do Brasil (Music) with Jassvan DeLima and Augusto Ghiotto  04/05/2017 11:00PM to 01:00AM
11:00PM Zé Luís “Brazil's Hip Groove” composed by Ze Luis from EP , Som do Brasil Intro (CD, 2011) on ZLMusic BMI 13364867 (USA) 
11:03PM Trio da Paz “Sampa 67” composed by Nilson Matta from 30 (CD, 2016) on Zoho (USA) 
11:06PM João Bosco “Trem Bala” composed by João Bosco-Antonio Cícero-Waly Salomao from Zona de Fronteira (CD, 1991) on Sony bmg (Brasil) 
11:09PM Rio 65 Trio “Tem Do” composed by Baden Powell, Vinicius de Moraestt from Rio 65 Trio (CD, 1965) on CBD/Philips (Brasil) 
11:12PM Ensemble Novo “Se E' Tarde Me Perdoa” composed by Ronaldo Bôscoli from Look to the Sky - Ep (CD, 2016) on Frosty Cordial Music (USA) 
11:15PM Cyro Baptista “Trovao” composed by Cyro Baptista/Vincent Segal from Bluefly (CD, 2016) on Tzadik (US) 
11:18PM Chico Cesar “Reis do Agronegócio” composed by Chico Cesar-Carlos Renno from Estado de Poesia (CD, 2016) on Urban Jungle (Brasil) 
11:21PM Delmar Brown “Bahia” composed by Delmar Brown-B Nunes from free (CD, 1998) on World Pop Music Corporation (USA) 
11:24PM Simone “Cafe Com Leite” composed by Martinho Da Vila-Zé Catimba from Café com Leite (CD, 1996) on Polygram (Brasil) 
11:27PM Simone “Beija,Me Beija,Me Beija” composed by Zé Catimba-Martinho da Vila from Café com Leite (CD, 1996) on Polygram (Brasil) 
11:30PM Requinte Trio “photograph” composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim from Honey&Air (CD, 2015) on Artist Share (USA)

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