Friday, July 29, 2016

Playlist 7/27/16

Som do Brasil (Music) with Jassvan DeLima 07/27/2016 11:00PM to 01:00AM
11:00PM Zé Luís “Brazil's Hip Groove” composed by Zé Luiz from single (CD, 2011) on ZL Music BMI #13364867 (USA) — Som do Brasil Intro
11:03PM Joanna Nova York “Águas de Março” composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim from Toda Bossa (CD, 2015) on Ind (USA)
11:09PM Joanna Nova York “Garota de Ipanema” composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim,Vinicius De Moraes from Toda Bossa (CD, 2015) on Ind (USA)
11:14PM João Nogueira/Alcione “De Babado Sim” composed by Noel Rosa/João Mino from Bossa 4 Two-Pure Brazil 2 (CD, 2006) on Universal (USA) — OR 1980
11:18PM Kenia “Flor de Liz” composed by Djavan from What You're Looking For (CD, 1990) on Denon
11:23PM Dorivá “The Ipanemas” composed by J.Helder/A.Blanc from Call of the Gods (CD, 2008) on Far Out Rec. (UK)
11:28PM Joanna Nova York/Túlio Araújo “Chiclete com Banana” composed by Gordurinha/Almira Castilho from Live ON Air (Other)
11:32PM Joanna Nova York/Túlio Araújo “Corcovado” composed by Antônio Carlos Jobin from Live ON Air (Other)
11:35PM Túlio Araújo “Pandeiro Solo” composed by Túlio Araújo from Live ON Air (Other)
11:38PM Túlio Araújo & O Projeto Dobradura “Som para Little River (feat. Thiago Delegado & Mestrinh do Acordeon)” composed by Oswaldinho do Acordeon from Manguêra (CD, 2012) on Membrana (Brasil)
11:44PM Gonzaguinha “É” composed by Gonzaga Jr. from O Melhor da Música de (CD, 1988) on WEA (Brasil)
11:48PM Joanna Nova York “Mas Que Nada” composed by Jorge Benjor from Toda Bossa (CD, 2015) on Ind (USA)
11:52PM Túlio Araújo “Trovoada” composed by Felipe Vilas Boas from East (CD, 2013) on Tulio Araujo (Brasil)
11:56PM Túlio Araújo “Nilo” composed by Felipe Vilas Boas from East (CD, 2013) on Tulio Araujo (Brasil)
12:02AM Simone “Sonhos(Arrastão dos Pescadores)” composed by Ivan Lins- Victor Martins from Cristal (CD, 1985) on CBS (Brasil)
12:07AM Kid Abelha “Pintura Intima” composed by Leoni/Paula Toller from Pop Brasil (CD) on WEA (Brasil)
12:12AM Tim Maia “Gostava Tanto de Voce” composed by E.Trindade from Soul Tim (CD, 1999) on Som Livre (Brasil)
12:18AM Joanna Nova York “Aguarela do Brasil” composed by Ary Barroso from Toda Bossa (CD, 2015) on Ind (USA)
12:25AM Rio 65 Trio “Desafinado” composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim/Newton Mendonça from Rio 65 Trio (CD, 1965) on CBD/Philips (Brasil)
12:30AM Emilio Santiago “Nega” composed by Vevê Calasans from Tropique Samba lounge (CD, 2002) on Dubas/Universal (Brasil) — OR 1977
01:00AM Eumir Deodato “Soccer Game” composed by Pacifico Mascarenhas from Skyscrapers (2002) on Irma Global Village (Italy) — OR 1972

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