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Som do Brasil - Playlist - 11/17/2010


01 - Eroica Trio ........... 2o. moviment - Blue by Raimundo Penaforte ano?
02 - brahma chopp - Joao Gilberto - Comercial
03 - Banda de Pifaros de Caruaru - Pipoquinha - Discos Marcus Pereira - 1979
04 - Trem Azul Vinheta em ingles. Tom Jobim, Album Antonio Brasileiro - Sony - 1995
05 - Gangorra by Raimundo Penaforte ..... Los Angeles Guitar Quartet - Album, Brasil - Telarc - 2004
06 - Dança das Cabeças - Egberto Gismont - Album - Antologia - 2006
07 - Elevator Man...... by Arthur Kampela
08 - brahma chop- Joao Gilberto - Comercial
09 - banda de pifaros de Caruaru - Pipoquinha - Discos Marcus Pereira - 1979
10 - Tesão - Arthur Kampela,
11 - Micropeça, Love song, Clara Sartone by Arthur Kampela
12 - Humoresk? by Raimundo Penaforte.
13 - Quereres Caetano Veloso, album. Velo - Philips - 1984
14 - Alegria, alegria, Caetano.. by Rogerio Duprat, Album, Os Maestros Premiados - Philips -
15 - Queimando a Censura Tom Zé ano? album?
16 - Nego Dito, Itamar Assumpção, album??? ano???
17 - Construção, Chico Buarque, album , Historia da MPB - Abril, OR. 1971
18 - Escravos do Jó, Cantigas Infantis album, Cantigas de Roda,Coro Infantil/Lyrio Panicali - CBS 1971
19 - Preludio no. 1 Villa Lobos Arthur kampela live
20 - Revoada - Quinteto Armorial - Album, Do romance ao Galope Nordestino - 1974
21 - Capiba - Eroica Trio album Brasil - by Raimundo Penaforte -

More Info. :
Playlist 11.17.10]

1. AN EROICA TRIO (ll Movement: MAURICE)
Performer: Eroica Trio
CD: Pasión (2000) EMI classics

2. QUARTETICE for guitar quartet (ll Movement: GANGORRA)
Performer: L.A. Guitar Quartet
CD: LAGQ Brazil (2007)Telarc
Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

Mark Gould, trumpet
Paul Myers, Guitar
Gordon Gottlieb and Raimundo Penaforte, percussion
CD: "Mark Gould – Café 1930". Angel Records (1998)

4. AN EROICA TRIO (lll Movement: CAPIBA)
Performer: Eroica Trio
CD: Pasión (2000) EMI classics

About the pieces:

AN EROICA TRIO was a piece commissioned by the Arizona Friends of Chamber Music (AFCM), and Ellen and Anthony Lomonaco for the Eroica Trio in 1998. It was premiered in February 1999, in Tucson, AZ. The piece is for violin, cello, and piano. It's in three movements: l. Astor, ll. Maurice, lll. Capiba.
ll. MAURICE is a rigorously notated blues, and was inspired by the passacaglia movement in Ravel's Piano Trio. The title honors its composer.
lll. CAPIBA (Lourenço da Fonseca Barbosa's nickname) is a fast movement that bears a resemblance to this composer's music.

QUARTETICE was commissioned by the Arizona Friends of Chamber Music for the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet in 1999. It has four movements: l. Prelúdio, ll. Gangorra, lll. Interlúdio, lV. Frevo Barroco. In 2007, the group recorded the first two movements––l. Prelúdio, ll. Gangorra––for Telarc.
ll. GANGORRA ("seesaw") is a playful and joyous baião, with an infectious melody that becomes increasingly raucous and polytonal. It erupts into a finale with the four guitars in unison accompanied by the zabumba, a deeply sonorous drum typical of traditional Northeast Brazilian music.

SAMBORESQUE: In 1997, I worked with Mark Gould––Metropolitan Opera Orchestra first trumpeter––in the production of a CD titled: Café 1930. I arranged/composed/recomposed seven pieces out of eleven on the CD. It was released by Angel in 1998. About Samboresque, Mark Gould wrote: Dvorak's Humoresque is a tune that achieved instant popularity when it was written 100 years ago and has remained snugly nestled in our collective unconscious ever since. "Samboresque" is the latest incarnation.

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